123 HP Envy Setup 5540 – HP eprint Setup

Step 1 – Installing the HP ePrint app

  1. Open the Wi-Fi settings on your mobile device (Tablet/Smartphone). Ensure that you are connected to a 123 hp envy setup 5540 wireless network.
  2. For Android devices – Install the ePrint app after downloading it from the Google Play Store For Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch – Install the ePrint app after downloading it from the App Store After the app is installed, you will see the Welcome to HP ePrint screen displayed
  3. On the Welcome screen, touch Skip or Activate Now. If the activation step is skipped, then choose your usage data collection option and then touch Done.
  4. Enter your email address in the Activate using your email area and then touch Activate. You will receive an email with an Activation Code from the HP ePrint service.
  5. Go to your email and note down the PIN code sent from 123 HP Envy setup 5540 eprint.

  6. 123 HP Envy setup 5540

  7. Go to the HP ePrint app, enter the code, then touch Activate.
  8. Choose your usage data preference when prompted. Then touch Done. The 123 HP eprint 5540 app will automatically detect the network’s printers.
  9. Choose the 123 HP 5540 printer that you would like to use.

For Technical Guidance..!!

Step 2 – Printing with the HP ePrint app

    Printing a document on your mobile device (only for Android devices)

  1. Open the 123 hp 5540 eprint app and then touch Files.
  2. Choose the file type or open the file folder. Now choose the document that you would like to print.
  3. In the print preview screen, touch the print settings icon to make any modifications to the print settings.(Please note that the print settings icon availability varies by mobile device).
  4. Go back to the preview screen and touch Print.
  5. The print job will be sent to your 123 HP Envy setup 5540 Printer and the document will get printed.